Awana at BFBC

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Our Awana program meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

About Awana

Awana provides a fun, dynamic approach to learning Gods Word. The goal is to reach boys and girls for Christ and train them to serve Him. We frequently have theme nights, store nights, and special events such as the Grand Prix. We welcome visitors to our club!

Awana is divided into age groups called clubs. Each club has a name, handbook, and activities for that age. All clubs begin together in the sanctuary. The rest of the club time is divided into three sessions:


Game Time: Age appropriate games on the Awana game circle. Awana has active, fun games that you wont find anywhere else.

Handbook Time: Small group interaction with emphasis on studying and memorizing Gods Word.

Council Time or Green Meadow Time: Features worship, Bible teaching, award presentations, and the gospel message.

Awana Groups

Puggles is the club for children who miss the Cubbies cutoff date (older two and younger three year olds). Puggles is built around four precepts: God made everything, God saw that it was good, God is love, and give thanks.

Cubbies is the club for three and four year olds. (Children must be three by September 1.) Cubbies is built on the premises that young children should receive Biblical instruction and the home is the primary place for spiritual training.

Sparks is the club for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Sparks builds on the material taught in Cubbies and is firmly grounded in scripture. The handbooks feature basic truths about God, Jesus, salvation, and the Bible.

T&T stands for Truth & Training and is the club for third through sixth grades. T&T teaches boys and girls the truth of Gods Word and trains them to follow Christ in their daily lives. The handbooks teach children that lifes ultimate adventure is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For more information:

Awana Clubs International